A carbon-free world.

It’s a complex environment, let’s simplify it.

Building infrastructure and operations make up 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide—half of those are commercial real estate—and the current approach isn’t moving fast enough. We need rapid transformation and that requires a catalyst, some might say an audacious one.

Enter Audette. Our mission: to create a carbon-transition plan for every building on the planet.

We define the most effective strategies based on real data. With our proprietary technology we can expedite decarbonization at the ground level and expand our impact to scale globally. At Audette, we’re creating a meaningful path forward to tackle the logistics, politics and financial barriers around decarbonization in the real estate industry; one that meets our future needs today.

"We envision a future

where, despite all the challenges the world is facing, real estate owners across the planet have taken up the call to retrofit their properties with low-carbon technologies, carbon-negative materials and onsite renewables. Those that participate in this massive market transformation will emerge as leaders in this new no-carbon economy.”


Help us create real solutions for a carbon-free world.

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Meet Team Audette


James Maxwell

Head of Technology

A startup veteran, James has founded and led the growth of several small companies that matured into established businesses. He is particularly interested in unlocking the potential of technology and those who build it as a means to serve others. James is passionate about making things better, and when he's not leveraging technology to improve people's lives, he enjoys spending time renovating his barn, tending to his orchard and training therapy dogs.


Daniel Mossie

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel has led development of the Audette platform since 2017. As scrum master and software architect he turns user requirements into delightful, streamlined features. His experience ranges from full stack development, to agile project management and cloud computing. In his spare time, you can find Daniel on a soccer field, playing with his dogs, and exploring the beautiful west coast of British Columbia.


Cam Zarubiak

Software Engineer

In April 2018, Cam graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. Exactly one year later he found a perfect fit at Audette where he focuses on architecting solutions around the secure ingress and egress of data through our cloud resources. When away from the screen, Cam enjoys golfing, surrounding himself with nature and designing new clothes for his clothing company.


Thomas Mastromonaco

Software Engineer

Thomas has been with Audette since graduating from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor’s of Computer Engineering. His main focus is using the data around us to automate, predict, and recommend our way to carbon neutral. On the side, Thomas enjoys hiking, chess, and urban farming.

Building Science

Christopher Naismith

CEO & Founder

Christopher spent more than a decade in boiler rooms and boardrooms for large corporate real estate before becoming frustrated with the inefficiency in making large-scale carbon transitions. Trained as an engineer and building scientist, Christopher has also moonlighted as a teacher, cook and amateur EDM promoter.

Building Science

Dami Dabiri

Lead Building Scientist

Dami first learned about the need for widespread carbon reduction while completing a degree in chemical engineering. Now he commits his talents to helping buildings use energy more intelligently. Dami brings his experience in building analysis, energy consumption modelling and the development of decarbonization measures for commercial clients. In his downtime, he enjoys reading, playing soccer, and whipping up new recipes.

Building Science

Edgar López

Building Scientist

Edgar is a Professional Engineer, Certified Energy Manager, Certified Measurement & Verification Professional and LEED Accredited Professional and has been working in sustainability for the built environment for over a decade. Edgar is also a proud parent, husband and musician.


Matt Alfke

Sales Director

Matt (aka: “A”) is a sales leader obsessed with value creation, and has spent nearly a decade commercializing low-carbon solutions. Coming from entrepreneurial pedigree, he has sold over $15M in cleantech to industry and run successful sales teams. Matt spends his free time testing the laws of gravity on his downhill mountain bike and can often be found flying through the air on local trails.


Matt Quetton


Matt (AKA:”Q”) is a serial entrepreneur-turned CFO, dedicated to supporting exceptional founders across a variety of sectors in startups with global impact. He has raised over $30M and grown project teams to over $40M and 250 staff. He’s the parent of a child with special needs, and is dedicated to the health and future of people and the planet. An avid sailor, in summer Matt can be seen up and down the Salish Sea.


Leanna Killoran

Operations Manager

Leanna is a passionate systems thinker, her degrees in business and science help her create sustainable systems for organizations and communities. Beyond financial systems she is an advocate for resilient food systems and reimagined education systems. Leanna is also an avid gardener, beekeeper, yogi and bookworm.